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Storytelling Through UI

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In this blog post I’ll go over ways in how we can make our UI more exciting and integrated into our games. How do we make our UI exciting? For some games, they have the answer. With enough animations, “juice,”… Continue Reading →

Designing Wireframes for New Products

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This is it: Design Time, the moment UX/UI designers love. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s more to it than making simple boxes and text on an aligned grid. Research and testing have to be done. First step:… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Rocket Surgery Made Easy

“Rocket Surgery Made Easy,” by Steve Krug, is a simple little book about how to get you starting your own usability testing.The biggest goal of this book is to get UX designers motivated to do user testing. One of the… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Writing is Designing

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Today I finished “Writing is Designing” by Michael J. Metts and Andy Welfle, published by the design publisher Rosenfeld Media. It’s a light read chocked-full of great information on writing for applications. One of the most difficult parts of designing… Continue Reading →

UI Preview: House of Mundane

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House of Mundane is a small puzzle game created as a solo project by myself. I love exploring the idea of making boring activities (petting your cat, watering your plant) interesting. This game explores that idea of living a normal… Continue Reading →

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