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Storytelling Through UI

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In this blog post I’ll go over ways in how we can make our UI more exciting and integrated into our games. How do we make our UI exciting? For some games, they have the answer. With enough animations, “juice,”… Continue Reading →

Multiplayer Design on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

An exhaustive (but not complete) analysis of multiplayer games and the multiplayer aspects in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone games. Contents Multiplayer vs Solo Games The Interaction Between Players and Themselves The Physical versus the Digital… Continue Reading →

Board Game Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Board games have always been a part of culture, ranging as far back as 7th century AD (Britannica). While major companies like Hasbro and Mattel have kept the family game night alive, the community of board game hobbyists… Continue Reading →

Tetrash Postmortem

Full page here Duration 48hrs for the Ludum Dare Discord Jam #4 game jam 2020 The Game Tetrash is a tower defense game where players place towers to heal (not destroy) the pieces as they move along a path…. Continue Reading →

Tinker Postmortem

Full page here (Note: WebGL games are formatted strange and may run slow in WordPress. If you have technical difficulties, check out the standalone version on Duration 48Hrs for Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam 2020 The Game In… Continue Reading →

Celebration at Theo’s (C.a.T.) Postmortem

Full page here Duration 48hrs for IGDA’s eJam Game Jam 2020 The Game With the theme being “celebration,” our game has the player playing as a cat trying to gather supplies to have a cat party when their humans… Continue Reading →

WetJet Postmortem

Full page here (Note: WebGL games don’t format well in WordPress, reload the page to play again) Duration 48Hr Game Jam for Athens Game Jam 2020 The Game In WetJet, your goal is to see how far you can… Continue Reading →

Maya Architecture in-Design

A Life in-Design blog series In this blog series I take a quick look at people, places, actions, and things and break them down and compare them to games. Today I decided to shift my focus to the artwork featured… Continue Reading →

Narrative Design in Oxenfree

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After finishing the game last night, I decided to analyze the narrative behaviors in the 2016 game Oxenfree. Oxenfree is a narratively driven horror game where you control the character Alex and try to stop dimensional ghosts from taking over… Continue Reading →

Design Reflection: Human Fall Flat

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In this blog series I take a game I’ve completed and analyze design aspects randomly given to me from the Game Design: A Deck of Lenses app by Jesse Schell. Human Fall Flat (HFF) is a physics based puzzle game… Continue Reading →

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